Looking for a piece of jewellery as a special gift or for yourself? In my opinion, a visit to Clasped

and Eva is a MUST.

Clasped’s wonderful range of necklets, available in semi-precious stones and pearls, meshes of

steel and leather, can be matched with any of tens of unique clasps. My own collection started

with two pieces and has grown over time to reflect my different and changing needs and styles.

By mixing and matching different combinations of clasps with the same necklet and vice versa

Clasped has provided me with a suite of different and flexible jewellery pieces suitable for all of

my formal and informal needs. My experience is that the advice, guidance and service which Eva

gives to clients is exceptional - it is a perfect mix of drawing out from the client what they like

or want, observing what suits and making suggestions of what pieces might ‘go together’ and

gentle encouragement (without any obligation) to try many options before making any decision

to purchase.

Eva also designs bespoke pieces of jewellery so a client’s idea can be brought to fruition at the

highest level of design, with materials of the highest quality. For me the process of discussion

of an idea, the design process, sourcing the materials and consultation during the making of the

jewellery piece was interactive and professional and ultimately very satisfying - an excellent


Eva and Clasped are to be highly recommended for their range of interchangeable jewellery,

personal service and bespoke offering. My Clasped necklaces are of the highest quality and most

comfortable to wear. They have proved to be a great investment and I couldn’t be happier with


Grace Dempsey

17 September 2014