Clasped is a range of fine gemstone, pearl and precious metal necklaces handmade in Dublin by goldsmith Eva Dorney.

Clasped is a new concept in Irish jewellery, which allows you to customise your necklace by introducing a different clasp to suit your outfit, your mood or the occasion.

The system works using a tiny bayonet fitting (like you'd see in a lightbulb only much much smaller) so that with a push and a quarter turn one clasp can be removed and another introduced. Worn to the front, the clasp is both the closure and the feature of your necklace.

Your first clasp and strand is the beginning of a collection that will grow over the years and with each new addition, be it a strand or a clasp, the potential combinations multiply. Meantime, existing beads can be restrung with the interchangeable system, eliminating the need to double up on classics like pearls, while adding a modern twist to your look.

You can shop the range online or you can call in person and experience the collection first hand - call now to make your appointment

Blue agate necklace combinations