Pearl restringing with knots

Broken opera length cream pearls

Broken opera length cream pearls

We do quite a bit of pearl restringing both with existing clasps and with our interchangeable necklace system. Here’s a little insight into the process…..

This customer was given an opera length strand of pearls that needed restringing, but never felt any urgency to get them fixed as she couldn’t see herself wearing them. A short consultation later and we’d reimagined a shorter length pearl strand with a contemporary gold cylinder feature clasp making them wearable and bringing them up to date.

Some of the pearls were damaged or had a less perfect lustre, but because there was a surplus of pearls I was able to choose the best of them to include in the new necklace. I picked two lovely ones for either end and precision drilled them to take the 14ct yellow gold bayonet fittings. The clasp is worn to the front of our necklaces so it makes sense to use the best pearls closest to the clasp as unlike most traditional necklaces this is the focal point.

I then started to string the new pearl necklace, cutting each pearl off the old string and selecting the best pearls for the new strand. Each pearl is knotted in to place before the next one is added and so on until all the pearls are strung and the final knot completed. Any newly strung necklace tends to be a little tight to begin with, but softens with a few wears.

Below is the finished pearl necklace with its removable gold cylinder clasp which can be changed in future for any of our gemstone clasps and of course the clasp can be used with any of our range of interchangeable necklaces.

The finished pearls restrung with knots and 14ct yellow gold bayonet fittings closed with an interchangeable gold cylinder clasp

The finished pearls restrung with knots and 14ct yellow gold bayonet fittings closed with an interchangeable gold cylinder clasp

If you have pearls in need of restringing and would like to have them restrung with knots either with our interchangeable necklace system or with their existing clasp please get in touch on 0877956321 or email

Handmade interchangeable praseolite clasp

One of the nicest parts of the job is meeting people and particularly enjoyable is creating new pieces with their input.

A similar clasp had caught Lisa's eye on and when she spotted this pale green cushion cut praseolite in my box of gemstones she knew just what she wanted it to become ...

Cushion cut green amethyst clasp on  pearls ,  onyx  and  leather

Cushion cut green amethyst clasp on pearls, onyx and leather

Pictured above is the finished clasp in silver with a 9ct yellow gold bezel. It's been teamed with three rather different strands to great effect.

The first, a matt black onyx strand is a strong statement piece, the second a cream pearl strand lends to the clasp's elegant sophistication and lastly a grey leather necklet which makes the clasp altogether more contemporary.

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